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So, what’s been happening?

In General, Life on March 3, 2011 at 4:00 pm

At last post, I shared some of the challenges of this coming year. I then immediately proceeded to get swallowed up by said challenges. I am climbing out of the abyss of business to just share a few random thoughts and happenings that have taken place since then.

  • School has been a busy time, but very rewarding. Although the class load has been daunting, there have been a number of exciting opportunities come my way, such as…
    • I was given the opportunity to conduct the Southwestern Seminary Master Chorale and Southwestern Orchestra at our annual gala concert in the premiere of my composition, Abide with Me. It was a thrilling moment in my life, as not only was it my first opportunity to premiere a work in such a setting, but it was also my first opportunity to conduct an orchestra composed of professional musicians. The performance went very well, and many compliments were given by professors, peers, and other important guests, including…
    • Steve Green. Steve was one of the musicians whose ministry has really inspired me over the years, and I had the privilege of hosting him for nearly three days at SWBTS prior to his performance at the gala concert. After spending a considerable amount of time with him, I can honestly say that I have even more respect for him now. He is the real deal, on and off the stage.
    • Another exciting opportunity has been the chance to lead chapel at SWBTS. Per the request of some of the┬áleadership on campus, I have had the opportunity to lead approximately 1,000 of our students and faculty in worship several times this year. There is nothing more thrilling than leading so many people in what has become a passionate, spirit-filled time of worship. This has indeed been a great joy.
    • Teaching has been fun, as well. Although my conducting class has a smaller-than-usual group of three students, we’ve had a lot of fun and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of adapting my teaching style to a smaller setting. That, and there is MUCH less grading to be done!
  • Church ministry has had its ups and downs, but I am really starting to sense a revival of worship in the Oak View congregation. This has been something I have been praying for since I arrived at Oak View two years ago, and I am finally starting to see the results. Please continue to pray for my church as I lead them.
  • Being a hubby and daddy is as fun as ever. There’s nothing like coming home to a two-year-old screaming “daddy, daddy, daddy!” Rashel and I are still expecting baby Cameron in June, when the fun is only going to double!

Sorry I don’t have time to write more, but I’m sure some of you family and friends have been wondering if I was still alive!